February 25, 2010

Blog Topic #6

As of January 4, 2010 the world officially has a new tallest building. The Burj Khalifa rises 2,717 feet above the sands of the emirate of Dubai (one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates), the tallest human-made structure ever built.
The Burj Khalifa replaces the CN Tower in Toronto as the tallest free standing, human-built structure on Earth. Under construction since 2004, the building cost approximatley $1.5 billion, and now sits near other well-known sites such as the Palm Jamierah and Burj Al Arab.

The view from atop this building is truly amazing:

The question for geographers is: Why is Dubai one of the wealthiest areas of the world and how is their developement interconnected with other countries and people? An interesting and complex question.

In this blog I want you to embed a YouTube clip from a country found wihin the S.W. Asia/N. Africa region. The topic you choose is up to you. Include an in-depth and insightful discussion of how the video clip relates to the physical and/or cultural geography of the region or country.

February 17, 2010

Blog Topic #5

The United Nations produces the Human Development Index (HDI) through its Human Development Program. Each year it produces a Human Development Report that lists the countires of the world in relation to several indices. All of the countries ranked as Low Human Development are loctaed within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Go to http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries/ to access a variety of information about Human Development (HD). Select the HD World Map link to examine the spatial distribution of HD. Zoom into Africa and mouse over countries to see their HDI and to access additional information. You can also select different years, back to 1980, to see how HD is improving throughout the world.

Also select the HDI Rankings link to see the high, medium, and low ranking countries in the world. Make sure you select some individual countries from Sub-Saharan Africa and some outside the region for comparison. You will also want to visit the Frequently Asked Questions link to learn more.

Questions to blog about:
- What variables are used to calculate HDI?
- What is the geographic pattern of HDI in the world?
- Provide some thoughts as to why Sub-Saharan Africa is ranked so low in HDI?

February 11, 2010

Blog Topic #4

Geography assists us in understanding current events taking place around the world. Your job for this post is to find an online current event/news item concerning Latin America and post the link on your blog. Write several paragraphs explaining how the article relates to our discussion about the region or material from the textbook. If your article contains a picture, embed it in your blog.

Most news organizations have links on their websites to international stories or search boxes that let you select news by world region. For example, see the following:


To shorten a hyperink go to http://metamark.net/.

February 3, 2010

Blog Topic #3

A cartogram is a type of map where another variable, such as Prevalence of HIV, is substituted in place of area when drawing the size of the country. Select the map on the right to view the size of countries based on prevalence of HIV.

One of the best websites available for examining a variety of variables via cartograms is World Mapper - http://www.worldmapper.org/

Go to World Mapper and select A-Z Map Index to view all the maps available. Select two of these and embed them into your blog and then write about what each shows and some reasons explaining the distribution. Make sure you read the information available, including the .pdf poster that includes some excellent information about each map.