April 15, 2011

Blog Topic #11 - Final Blog!

For this post I want you to find a map of your choice to post on your blog.  The map can come from any region and on a topic of your choice.  One of my favorite websites is Strange Maps, a collection of  "cartographic curiosities" from around the world.  Explore the web to find a map that interests you, post it and write a brief paragraph on why you selected the map.

I found this map interesting for several reasons: 

1) It demonstrates how huge the U.S. economy is compared to other countries.
US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs

2) The Czech Republic is compared to Nebraska.  Wilbur, NE is the Czech Capitol of the U.S.

Blog Topic #10

"As a poor region, Sub-Saharan Africa is linked to the global economy more through the flow of financial aid and loans than through the flow of goods."

This quote from the Aid Versus Investment section of your textbook highlights an ongoing debate about how best to assist in African development. Read this section, along with the Global To Local box on the used clothing trade.
The United States is the top donor state to Africa, with former President Bush tripling aid during his administration to about $6 billion by 2006. Read this article (http://www.cato.org/pubs/edb/edb2.pdf) from the CATO institute arguing that the $500 billion in aid since 1960 has created dependency, not development. Money flowing into countries through loans and aid is often invested outside the continent, stolen by corrupt leaders, or spent on ill-adivsed programs.

What do you think? Should the U.S. and other foreign governments and NGOs continue to provide aid, or should they focus on developing trade, industry, and infrastructure?

April 8, 2011

Blog Topic #9

The recent unrest in North Africa and the Middle East is impacting the world in may ways, including the price of oil.  It is also happening and changing very quickly.  This map shows some of the nations facing change, and it's already out of date since President Mubarak of Egypt stepped down and there is definitely opposition to Gaddafi in Libya.
In this post I want you to select a country in this region and research the protests taking place.  Post at least one image from the country that highlights the protest movement.  Summarize why the protests are taking place and what the protesters are seeking to accomplish.

Explore Your World!