March 16, 2011

Blog Topic #7

For this post you have a choice of three topics:

Topic A - The Afghan Girl
Here is the link to the National Geographic article about finding her after 17 years.  There is a plethora of information online about this amazing story.

Topic B - Restrepo and/or the war in Afghanistan.
Here is the link to the official website for the movie.  You can also find a huge amount of information online or (I suggest this strongly) you can read the book War by Sebastian Junger to experience a more vivid portrayal.

Topic C - Opium
Afghanistan leads the world in opium production, supplying about 75%.  Here is a link to a recent National Geographic article called Afghanistan's Opium Wars.  Some of the money made from this illegal trade inevitably funds the Taliban and other Islamic extremist groups.

Once you find a web link, video clip, or news item relating to your topic  post them on your blog.  Write several paragraphs explaining what you learned or found interesting about the subject. 

Explore your world!

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